So it’s only been about a month since we began the site, but I think things have really started to pick up for the site. We’re doing our very best here at Only Single Player to bring you all the latest single player news we can find as we are working hard to become the number one spot on the internet for this topic.

As promised when the site began we are now sending out invites for interviews all across the industry to bring you insight on the deeper elements that go into making these single player experiences you have all come to know and love. So the question I’m asking you as the reader, is how well have we done so far? Do you enjoy what we write? Are the articles detailed and thoughtfully crafted? What would you like to see more of and so on. Leave us your feedback below!

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

Inspiration From Around The ‘Net – March 25, 2012

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  1. We need more people to get nice community of players. But really Nick its good job. For only a month time this site really is doing well. I hope we can accelerate and get some recognition in gaming community. 

    1.  Thanks! And by all means, spread the word if you can! You're right; we do need more community members.

  2. You guys Rock!

    Seriously, I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon your website a couple weeks ago. A website that focuses on single player is exactly what the doctor ordered. It's quickly becoming my number site for wasting time at work =p

    But as CELL mentioned, we do need to grow the community, but I'm sure that will happen with time. All the best guys and keep up the good work =D

    1. Thanks for the words Darth! Make sure to check out Velocity Gamer as well if you like the way I run this site.

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