Hello everyone and welcome back to another Week in Review! We’ve got some cool stuff lined up for this coming week along with a giveaway featuring Total War: Warhammer!

This past week has been pretty productive for OnlySP. We’ve started scheduling our E3 appointments for hands-on preview coverage and interviews and we’ve got some exciting looking games already lined up. We’ll be going all out in terms of coverage this year along with introducing a few new changes to how we cover the show back at home.

There are a total of four of us going to E3 this year, including myself, which means our coverage is going to be much more organized and of a much higher quality than previous years. As of right now, we’re bringing two camera set-ups for interviews so we can do multi-angle shots for high quality video interviews. Hands-on previews will also be more detailed than in previous years as we’re aware that sometimes you can’t see the footage of what we played for yourself, so we’ll be doing our best to paint the scene for you with words when footage isn’t available.

We’re still booking appointments for games, so if there’s something you specifically want us to cover or try to find out while we’re at the show please feel free to let us know. I can’t make any promises on anything, but we’re doing our best to cover the games that every other outlet attending E3 hasn’t already covered.

As for what’s coming up this week, our next feature interview will cover an upcoming sci-fi action adventure game coming to the PS4 and PC later this year called Divide. The interview had to be divided up into two parts, however, as Sep has written just under 7000 words of information for you to digest. Probably the longest article that has ever been written on the site, so if you like long-form stuff then we’ve got you covered this week.

James just released his review for DOOM and will be getting a review out for Homefront: The Revolution later this week. We may also have a couple new faces to introduce by the start of this week in our reviews and editorial departments so be on the lookout for an announcement there. Other than that, expect all of our usual coverage this week as we continue to prepare for E3…which is only like three weeks away now. Holy shit.


I honestly didn’t get to play too much in terms of video games this week. I’ve been catching up on work for my classes along with starting work on a long-form feature story about game development here in the Midwest. If my teacher likes the story when I’m done with it I may share it for you all to read as well. It should be pretty interesting as there’s not a lot of well-known game developers out here in the Midwest.

I’ve started playing Rainbow 6 Siege again following the most recent update which has fixed a lot of the issues the game had. I’ve honestly never played a multiplayer game with a community as mature as Rainbow 6 Siege‘s. If I don’t have any buddies to jump online with and play the game, I can usually find a random group of people through matchmaking that invite me to their squad and we have a jolly good time. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to the game honestly.

This will be another pretty busy week for me as I have to get the rough draft of the after-mentioned story completed along with getting caught up in one of my summer classes that I’ve put off a bit too long. I do plan on finishing DOOM when I get a chance to along with continuing my playthrough of Fallout 4.  Aside from all that, E3 planning will continue which is fun and quite stressful at the same time. If I take my frustrations out on you in the comments sections I apologize ;)


This weeks’ giveaway will feature a Steam code for Total War: Warhammer which is set for release this week. All you have to do to enter is leave your own Personal Gaming Update below in the comments section. Keep in mind that low-level comments like, “I played DOOM this week, it was good”, won’t make the cut. We’re trying to drive discussion and engagement and these giveaways are our way of enticing you to do so along with saying thank you for taking part.

Winner will be randomly selected by a member of the OnlySP staff.

The winner of the code will be announced here in the comments section on the 24th when the game is released.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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