Developer Cubish Games’s stunning indie puzzler Weakless introduces curious life forms, organic environments, and explores the beauty of true friendship.

According to the game’s Steam page, Weakless is the intriguing creation of room-mates Ania Kowalczyk and Agnieszka Wlazły, who wanted to create a game about true friendship.

The playable characters are “Weavelings” and are described by Cubish Games as “carefree, wooden creatures”. One is deaf and the other is blind. Players can alternate between them to solve puzzles and save the characters’ surrounding world.

In a recent blog, the developer explained how it overcame multiple issues that arose when displaying sound sources in Blind’s vision. The studio also experimented with Deaf’s perception of the world whilst simultaneously creating unique visions. Level design also proved problematic as Cubish Games tried to build the gameplay solely reliant on auditory and visual aspects. However, a breakthrough came in the form of a collaboration with a trio of experienced animators, and now publisher—Punk Notion.

In addition, this enabled the creation of new features, polishing the visions of both heroic playable Weavelings and finalising of the game design.

The idea behind the main characters was to create grounded personalities with disabilities, but not to focus on their abilities. Blind is a serious character with deep self-control who enjoys isolation and peace. Deaf, however, lightens the mood, is light-hearted, energetic, and is curious about the world. For example, Deaf has a sketchbook where players can gain an insight into what he thinks about themes in the game.

The characters are armed with an arsenal of skills that have developed as a result of the disabilities of senses. Players can expect to witness the developing and expansive bond between the characters to unveil the beauty behind true companionship.

Weavelings have other sharper senses and so the game encourages players to find strength in weaknesses. Cubish Games described its ambition was to “prove to the world that what’s always been considered a weakness can, in fact, be a mighty advantage.”

Weakless is set in a fairytale, fantasy world of wonderful, distinctive landscapes such as caves with bioluminescent fungi, natural basins, and forgotten ruins. Resin is the life source of the two Weaveling protagonists. As the characters experience adventures, they make discoveries of the past that lead to the destruction of their world and Weaveling civilization. The goal of the characters is to restore the steady flow of life energy, Resin, and rescue the land from the advancing Rot.

Weakless was released on Xbox One on December 13, 2019, and is set for release on PC via Steam in 2020.

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