We Happy Few

We Happy Few has expanded on some of the personality and design inspirations behind Arthur Hastings, one of the game’s central protagonists.

The title, which features three equally plucky playable characters, takes place in an alternate 1960s Britain, wherein citizens conform to an established standard of happiness through the use of a state-sanctioned drug.

Players will need to explore the retrofuturistic locales of this alternate Britain drug-free, which the locals react to negatively. In essence, the game proposes players to not only utilise stealth, but socially conform.

The three central characters will have an intertwined narrative, as each employs different skills to embed and explore the game’s joyful dystopia.

In a feature on Xbox Wire, art director Alex Epstein explored some of the inspirations behind Arthur, “the paper-pushing everyman”:

“It was important that [Arthur] looked bookish and cerebral, hence the crimped hair and glasses; while his long limbs and exaggerated features are meant to evoke something similar to stop-motion character design. He’s the benchmark for the other playthrough. But he’s also tall and gawky and used to do track and field, so he is very, very good at running away—which is a perfectly cromulent tactic.”

Interestingly, Arthur’s character design and traits appear to impact his gameplay through his improved ability “at running away.” This perhaps implies that each character will have distinct advantages and disadvantages related to their frame, personality, and history.

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