OnlySP recently had the chance to sit down with Austin Wintory, who is responsible for the soundtracks of games such as John Wick HexJourneyAbzû, and the upcoming CHORUS: An Adventure Musical.

In the conversation, Wintory spoke about the events that led to a collaboration with Mike Bithell for John Wick Hex, as well as his initial predictions on the game’s reception.

OnlySP’s Amy Campbell awarded John Wick Hex a Distinction (4/5) and stated, “Bithell Games promised players the chance to be John Wick, and by choosing the genre least expected, it has delivered on that promise.”

Check out the first part of the video interview with Wintory above, and stay tuned for the rest of the interview over the coming days.

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Amy Campbell
What does a fitness instructor like to do with their spare time? Write about video games obviously. Amy has been obsessed with video games ever since watching her parents play Crash Bandicoot on PS1. All these years later, she is thrilled to get to share her thoughts on the games she loves so much.

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