Ubisoft, has revealed the release date for the next batch of Watch_Dogs DLC titled, Bad Blood. The new DLC will have 10 new campaign missions that will feature T-Bone, and releases on September 23, 2014 for Season Pass owners and September 30th for the public.


The story stars T-Bone, a unique hacker who players meet in the main Watch_Dogs story, but now players will be able to play as T-bone as he infiltrates Blume to plant a false trail in the main system one last time. The DLC will take place after the main story and feature a brand new character, Tobias Frewer, an old friend who needs T-Bone’s help to escape from Blume and the ctOS.

Also included in the DLC  are new contract missions “Street sweep”, brand new side-missions for the player to enjoy. The DLC will also feature new perks, weapons, outfits, and T-Bone’s remote-controlled car.

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  1. New character? Tobias Frewer was the one whom owned the crafting shop were you could buy jamm comms, IED’s, grenades and all sorts of great gadgets.

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