Ubisoft have confirmed in the sexiest way possible, an end of quarter financial report, that Watch Dogs 2: Hackman is currently in development and should be hacking the planet by April 2017.

Ok, maybe I made the subtitle up, but it’s still coming.

Though there have been no other details released about the game at all, as such everything from this point on is pure speculation on my part.

We can assume that the title will once again star glass-chewing Batman impersonator and 1337 hacker Aiden Pierce as he continues to battle the evil mega corporation Ubi… Blume Corp.

The game will also most likely be set in a new location. Possibly even a different country. Personally I think they should go to Edinburgh, since it’s an amazing place architecturally, and the UK has more security cameras than any other place in the world. Though the end of Watch Dogs did hint heavily at the possibility of a sequel set somewhere in Canada (my money’s on Toronto or Montreal).

Something the sequel should definitely do is construct the soundtrack in a similar manner to the original, as hearing bands from the Chicago punk scene including Rise Against, Alkaline Trio and The Lawrence Arms was a real treat and linked the soundtrack to the surroundings in a way that fw open world games have successfully achieved.

As well as Watch Dogs 2 being teased the report also stated that For Honor, South Park: the Fractured but Whole,and a brand new IP described as “a new high-potential AAA brand with strong digital live services” would all be out by the end of the 2016-17 financial year.

What the new IP entails is anyone’s guess at this point; strong digital live services suggests something multiplayer focused or possibly connected to mobile devices in some way. It could even be an NX launch title seeing as Ubisoft have historically provided new IP for Ninty’s new consoles at launch.

Feel free to carry on the rampant speculation in the comments section below, and be sure to follow us on  Facebook and Twitter for all things single player including the latest on Watch Dogs 2.

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