Ubisoft have released some new information about the highly anticipated Watch Dogs in the form of a Q&A, which answers a lot of common questions about the game. The Q&A informed us:

  • There is a day/night cycle in the game. Time of day is not scripted.
  • The weather can dynamically change from sunny to rainy to stormy. Wind, cloud, fog and rain all have variations of intensity and are “systemic”.
  • Every NPC is unique. Character kits for the NPCs total around 3000 and allows for an almost infinite amount of possibilities when creating a character.
  • The number of NPCs on screen can vary depending on the weather or time of day. Sunny afternoons lead to more pedestrians and rainy nights mean the streets will be more sparse. The number of civilians also varies based on where the player is. The core of Chicago will always have a lot more NPCs than the outskirts and thanks to next-gen tech, there will be a lot more NPCs in the world. Ubisoft’s aim is to create a realistic city that “players have never seen before.”
  • Every single NPC can be hacked. What you can hack will vary based on each NPC but you can also hack elements around NPCs, which they will react tp and can influence their behaviour.
  • There are over 100 possible hacks in the game.
  • There are 75 variations of vehicles in the game. From the SUV and compacts to motorbikes and high-speed luxury cars, each vehicle in Watch Dogs will have their own realistic physics.
  • Watch Dogs will have a total of 6 environment variations. From the impoverished suburbs to the high-class metropolis, Watch Dogs will encourage players to explore every inch of Chicago.

So it seems Ubisoft is really trying to recreate a living, breathing Chicago with Watch Dogs thanks to huge number of unique NPCs and the potential of interactions with said NPCs.

Watch Dogs releases worldwide on May 27th, 2014 for next-gen, last-gen and PC.

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