Ubisoft is pulling no punches in this year’s E3 conference with an extensive look at the gameplay and combat of Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs eventually being drawn to the surveillance state of London was a natural move. With drones and government death squads roaming the streets, Watch Dogs: Legion allows players to recruit and take control of any NPC that is willing to join DedSec.

The game has a heavy focus on “play as anyone” with a large section of the demo switching between perspectives and even focusing on a sweet elderly retired assassin, Helen, as she infiltrates an enemy base with a spider drone before casually escaping on the bus. Each character comes equipped with their own unique set of skills, Ocean’s Eleven style, with fighters, hackers and athletic types being some of the highlighted skillsets.

One aspect that ties all of the characters together is the ominous voice of Bagley, a potential AI system that guides DedSec operatives to their destination. Possibly the most shocking inclusion to Watch Dogs: Legion is permadeath. While gamers are allowed to play as anyone, this feature also opens the possibility to lose everyone as well. Each character comes fully animated and voiced and, upon becoming incapacitated, can either surrender or resist the enemies. Whether players will be able to rescue their surrendered companions is yet to be seen.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be released on March 6, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Ubisoft has unveiled the game’s Collector’s Edition.

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