Today, during the Playstation conference, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs is indeed coming to Playstation 4.

To say it looks gorgeous is an understatement. The gameplay shown reveals the dynamic hacking systems that will be the core of the gameplay. Hacking with a phone allows the player to see the identities and backgrounds of those around them, and access information like bank account details. It also reveals the likelyhood of a person becoming a victim of crime, allowing you to follow them and ensure their safety. You can hack a variety of other things in the world, like road blocks or trains, which allows dynamic evasion of police.

It looks great and innovative, and you can officially colour us very interested. Trailer below.

UPDATE: A Ubisoft press release has confirmed that Watch Dogs will be a launch title for Playstation 4, and versions will appear on the PS3, 360, WiiU, and PC.

Lachlan Williams
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