Rejoice! There’s another video about the multitude of features that makes Watch Dogs a looker beyond the graphical presentation.

Features such as a dynamic world, social classes, and big brother information streamed to the player in real-time.

The game puts players in control of Aiden Pearce – master hacker and extraordinaire. The player is able to make decisions of what they want society to see them as. Vigilante-Hero or Anarchist-Villain.

Watch Dogs is coming to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and WiiU on November 19th in North America and November 22nd in Europe.

Watch Dogs has also been confirmed as a launch title for the PlayStation 4 so look forward to those shiny next-gen graphics.

Spencer Fawcett

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  1. I liked this, but they didn’t show much (if any) new footage, just recycled footage.

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