A new trailer has been released for survival horror game Syndrome, you can check it out at the bottom of the article.

This trailer gives the players more insight into the tone and gameplay of Syndrome. A voiceover from the captain of the ship describes a new mission, ominously intoning “I don’t see what could go wrong” while the player is stalked by a succession of robotic foes.

The game seems to take notes from both the Dead Space and Half Life franchises in its dark and dingy environment, and the player brandishes a wrench as a weapon that can’t help but remind viewers of Gordon Freeman’s iconic crowbar in the Half Life games.

The trailer suggests that enemies will keep players on the defensive in Syndrome, as the player in the video is mostly seen hiding and retreating from foes. The game’s website confirms that “there are weapons on the ship, but not enough to take everyone out.” Players will therefore have to choose how to handle a situation, whether by hiding or trying to attack enemies.

The game has been Greenlit on Steam, and the developer has posted a release date of “Q2 2016.”

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