If you’re a fan of tabletop board games then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on Wartile‘s progress. The strategy game has began its kickstarter campaign and is looking for backers to reach their goal of £55,00 (roughly $78,000).

According to their official website Wartile is described as

“A real time strategy game for PC and tablets in which you control a small band of miniature figures by picking them up and placing them on the diorama battle boards, just like a game of chess without turns. Each figure has special attributes and abilities that counter each other, forcing you to strategically time and plan your moves against the enemy player”

Looking at gameplay videos, such as the one below, it is clear to see the tabletop inspiration which is an original and innovative idea to bring forward to the video game world. Wartile will bring plenty of unique figurines each including their own strength and weaknesses, as well as many action cards to give you (or your opponent) an upper hand in battle.

The title does includes a ‘Viking Campaign’, with developers Playwood Project promising a story full of lore and mythology. The figurines in play won’t always be stationary when not in use, as they will actually react to the action on the board.

The two armies in battle are the Vikings and the English, with both sides featuring various classes such as a Spearman, Warrior and Brute. The game will also feature many game boards as opposed to the single board usually available in normal tabletop games, each with it’s own environmental effects and unique sounds and animations.

Hopefully this information has whetted your appetite for Wartile, but for many more details about this exciting project head to their official Kickstarter page where you can also contribute towards their funding goal.

Better yet, take a look at an exclusive interview we conducted with Playwood Project all about Wartile here.

We will update you with any more news from Wartile in the meantime so make sure you’re following us on Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) and Facebook.

Rhys Cooper

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