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‘The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon’, the next piece of DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has received its first trailer.

The brief teaser introduces Karolina, the object of Hans’s desire, as well as his imploration of protagonist Henry to help him win her heart. In addition to providing a synopsis of the plot, the trailer shows off a number of features set to be included in the expansion, such as stealth, combat, and what appears to be an instance of dungeon exploration.

Alongside the paid content, Warhorse Studios will also release another free update, which is set to add in a tournament in the in-game town of Rattay.

Both of these updates are set to arrive in early autumn 2018. They expand on earlier additions to the base game, the paid DLC ‘From The Ashes’ and a hardcore mode that saddles Henry with permanent debuffs throughout the adventure.

OnlySP’s Richard Flint reviewed Kingdom Come: Deliverance on release, scoring it as a Credit and concluding that “despite several flaws, Warhorse Studios delivers a fantastic first game and deserves praise for Kingdom Come’s successes.”

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