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Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr, the action-RPG developed by Hungarian studio Neocore Games, has been delayed by just under  a month, with the developer joking that the team would “work 90 hour weeks” until the project was completed.

In a statement made on the game’s Steam page, producer Zoltán Pozsonyi stated that the game will be delayed to June 5 from the scheduled release of May 11. The reasons stem from issues related to the console port, where “some technical issues were solved a bit late on one of the console platforms, therefore the release candidate version couldn’t be sent to manufacturing in time.”

The developer has an agreement with its console publisher, Bigben Interactive, whereby all three editions of the game must be released at the same time, meaning all versions of the game have to be delayed. Pozsonyi, in a stroke of frank honesty, stated that he and his team “somewhat overestimated [their] capacity for releasing the game simultaneously on three platforms.”

In a now-deleted part of the statement, the producer joked that the team would work 90 hour weeks to ensure the project was released on time, which drew widespread criticism from the gaming industry. The claim that the 90-hour week statement is a joke appears a little flimsy, however, as the company has made this claim without retraction several times in the past.

The news is not all doom and gloom for PC players, however, as the PC build now has three extra weeks of polishing, plus the developer will now be providing a Steam Beta build on 21 May.

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