WarCry: Blackfist has landed on Indiegogo with some vibrant environmental art and gameplay details.

On the surface, WarCry is a medieval life simulator, but the project has much more depth than that. The game, effectively, tasks the player with building settlements, exploring, fighting enemies, and all the other day-to-day errands that are expected of a fantastical feudal lord.

The game, thanks to Unreal Engine 4, boasts some impressive photo-realistic environments, as well as the promise of procedurally-generated weather, seasons, and ecosystems.

Players will, through a detailed character-customisation system, choose a race, appearence, and build before departing into the world. The game’s environment lends itself to the fantastical rather than the historical, so players can expect an overworld full of fictional creatures, including dragons and unicorns, with unique magics for each race. The emphasis in the game is on large-scale spectacular battles, as well as the nitty-gritty of settlement building.

In terms of narrative, WarCry‘s aim is to merely task players with obtaining “absolute power and seize the realm,” which is achieved by fighting other feudal lords through war or espionage, manipulating the in-game economy, exploring for treasures, and levelling up the player’s character through quests and combat.


WarCry appears to offer everything a player wants from an open-ended RPG game, from pastoral comforts to tactical warfare. To check out more details on the project, be sure to check out the title’s Indiegogo page.

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Ben Newman

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