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The multiplayer-focused free-to-play wargame World of Tanks will be expanding with a single-player campaign called ‘War Stories’ in the coming months.

The first entries of this new foray for the extremely popular title release on August 22, with the tutorial level, ‘Brothers in Armor’, which features a US Commander teaching Soviet soldiers how to pilot the M4 Sherman, and ‘Flashpoint Berlin’, an alternative history campaign focusing on Allied soldiers trying to survive after the collapse of the Berlin Blockade.

These will be followed by ‘Operation Sealion’ and ‘Kennedy’s War’, neither of which currently has an official synopsis, although the mode’s official announcement trailer strongly suggests that these campaign will focus on a German invasion of Britain and the outbreak of open conflict resulting from the Cuban Missile Crisis, respectively:

‘Operation Sealion’ is slated for release in September, while ‘Kennedy’s War’ is scheduled for October, with further, unannounced campaigns to follow. At present, ‘War Stories’ is only announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with no official announcement of a PC release.

Although the new campaigns are predominantly designed for single players, they will also be available for co-operative play. Furthermore, many of the features from the existing multiplayer portion of World of Tanks will be present within the new mode, including vehicle customisation, Crews, tech trees, and secondary missions.

‘War Stories’ will be released as a series of free updates over the coming months. World of Tanks originally released in Russia in 2010, seeing enormous success worldwide, which has allowed the developer, Wargaming, to expand the series with World of Warplanes in 2013 and World of Warships in 2015.

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