The award winning survival game This War of Mine is arriving on both Xbox One and PS4 early next year.

The game, originally released on PC, has won a lot of accolades and was a hit on the indie circuit, recently making its way on to tablets. Now developers 11 Bit Studios have made the choice to bring the survival themed strategy game to consoles, where it will probably thrive amidst the indie market.

This War of Mine puts you in charge of a group of civilians hiding out in a makeshift shelter in the midst of a war-torn society, and tasks you with keeping them alive until the game ends with a peace declaration after a randomly allotted amount of time. This peace declaration is not easy to come by though, and you must make sure you juggle a number of factors well, considering the ethical implications of each decision.

This War of Mine is scheduled to release on both consoles on January 29.

Sep Gohardani

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