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Ultimate Games S.A. has revealed its upcoming title, Wanking Simulator.

Created by independent developer MrCiastku, Wanking Simulator follows Winston Gay, whose neighbours are annoyed at the sound of his indecency and, with the help of corrupt authorities, force him out of his home. Players must get revenge on the residents of Gay Bay by destroying the neighbourhood.

In a press release, Ultimate Games S.A. compares the game to “the best Alfred Hitchcock productions,” as it begins with “its own kind of earthquake.”

The developer aims to add extra game modes to the title, allowing the player to customise the world, including gravity, the amount of NPCs, and the strength of their kick. Gameplay will follow a five-day cycle, with different events occurring each day.

Wanking Simulator gameplay screenshot

Wanking Simulator is an original project that is based on completely absurd and politically incorrect assumptions,” said Ultimate Games S.A. CEO Mateusz Zawadzki. “The surrealistic setting of this simulator can evoke thoughts like the animated series South Park.

Fortunately (unfortunately?), no genitals or “organic liquids” will be seen in the game; the only sexual action will be the masturbation itself.

Wanking Simulator is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2019 on PC via Steam. Check out the reveal trailer for the game below.

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