Cuphead, what in the world is that? This surprise Indie title sparkled at E3 2014 this year at Microsoft’s conference, but only for a brief moment. Cuphead will star in the first of a planned trilogy with the first being called, “Don’t Deal with the Devil”. Out of all the big games shown at E3, I was charmed by this little masterpiece and its old school art style and here is why you should be too.


What is Cuphead?

The title is a throw back to classic cartoons of the early 30’s and stars a little chap named Cuphead, who needs to pay his gambling debt to the devil. The game is a run and gun title where Cuphead will travel branching levels, while continuing to fight bosses. In the game the player is given infinite lives and has the ability to keep his arsenal in-between deaths. Cuphead will also feature cooperative play with another character named Mugman.

The title is being developed by Studio MDHR, with art done by a pair of Canadian Brothers, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer in the style of old cartoonist Max Fleischer. The title is planned to release in 2015 on Xbox One and Steam for Microsoft Windows PC.

The game has a planned release of expansion packs that will feature up to 10 to 15 bosses that will expand the game.


Why you should be excited

With the new slew of indie titles coming to Xbox One, fans of the genre will be pleased to see Cuphead among the lineup. The game is a great throwback to early Sega games such as Mickey Mouse in Castle of Illusion and Contra. For people that love classic cartoons like Popeye and Felix the Cat, they will find a wonderful combination of both games and history. The game will also feature classic jazz music to capture the era it is borrowing from.

While not much is known about Cuphead, the thought of cooperative play is another big factor to be excited about. The game is also the first in a planned trilogy, so Cuphead will have many great adventures for Xbox and PC fans.


When will more information be available?

The only gameplay shown has been from Microsoft’s conference and some trailers that have been released. A tentative release has been given for sometime in 2015, and the developers have said that the game is roughly 40% complete, but no playable demo is currently available. I am greatly excited to see this game in action when it nears completion. I can’t wait to see how Cuphead plans on escaping the devil.


Tripp Papineau
My name is Tripp Papineau and I am an avid gamer and have a passion for writing. I have graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a BA in creative writing and have been writing as a journalist in the video game industry for three years.

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