We’ve gotten in touch to ask Vostok about the controversy swirling around West Game’s Kickstarter campaign for their first project, Areal.

We asked Vostok three questions about the controversy today. First off, we asked about the company possibly filing legal claims against West Games based on the companies use of GSC assets in their Kickstarter page. Oleg Yavorsky of Vostok told us, “We are not in position to file any legal claims against them, it’s up to GSC Game World as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. IP rights owner.”

I also asked about the proposed phone call that West Games made to Vostok, which Yavorsky confirmed did indeed occur. Yavorsky told me, “Yes, I had a phone call from them today and we talked about their Kickstarter campaign. My concern is them using S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series footage to promote a new IP and their claim of the ‘core S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers’ involved here. ”

The statement didn’t go into what was talked about over the phone unfortunately, but it at least gives us a confirmation that someone is indeed running the happenings at West Games and that they are aware of the controversy surrounding their project.

Finally, I did ask why the forum post was removed after sites picked up on it, and Yavorsky simply explained, “As for the forum post – it’s pretty simple – we don’t think our game’s forum is a proper place to discuss projects like that.”

I sort of found that statement a little funny considering Yavorsky was the one to create the forum post in the first place. Either way, West Games has promised a video update for tomorrow morning that should, or at least hopefully will provide some extra clarification on the project, the use of GSC assets and so on. Backers are right to be concerned about the project, and we did note in our last story that you should wait to back the game until West Games proves it’s really planning to bring the product their getting funding for.

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  1. New Mini Update:

    “As we’ve mentioned before, a former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modder and current creator of a similar post apocalyptic Kickstarter project has been flooding our comments with negativity and misinformation, and then using various accounts to promote his game, called Project Seed. This is what we in the industry call guerrilla PR… We are taking appropriate measures to combat this.”

    This is getting ridiculous. :/

    1. Yea it’s not looking good. The PR woman for the game was posting erratic statements on the game’s FB page as well, calling out potential backers rather than addressing their concerns.

      1. What about “the very first interview with West Games”? :P

          1. New Eurogamer report:

            https://www eurogamer net/articles/2014-06-26-that-s-t-a-l-k-e-r-y-areal-kickstarter-whats-going-on

            “The biggest problem with all this is that West-Games won’t address there concerns. I contacted West-Games yesterday and again today, both through Kickstarter and a contact email addresses.

            “Here is a company not only pitching its future on Kickstarter but also one that’s come under intense internet scrutiny. Why on Earth wouldn’t it want to clarify the situation and clear its name? […]”

          2. “[…] But all they’ve – we’ve – had so far are flimsy updates attacking one vocal dissenter rather than answering the accusations levelled against the Areal project.”

            …and some people are still falling for it. I don’t blame ’em, ‘cos, y’know, it’s all guerilla PR, duh! :)

          3. Things are getting worse by the hour:

            https://www forbes com/sites/erikkain/2014/06/26/areal-kickstarter-raises-huge-red-flags-backers-beware/

            “For instance, the developer itself, West Games, was registered in Nevada on May 20th of this year (though the Kickstarter states the company was founded in 2013.) It was registered by one Leonid Kovtun, who is also the recipient of any and all of the Kickstarter’s pledges, though he is not listed anywhere in the Kickstarter as a member of the team.

            A user on reddit dug into Mr. Kovtun’s legal past […]”

            Both Eurogamer’s and Forbes’ articles are worth checking out, they summarise most, if not all, concerns and worries.

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