Two slices of unexpected news coming out of Volition today. The creators of the Saints Row franchise have not only revealed that they developed a PSP version of Saints Row that was ultimately cancelled, but they’ve only gone and released it now after all this time – for absolutely free!

Named Saints Row Undercover, the cancelled project was originally designed to be a straight port of Saints Row 2 (released in 2008) but was soon transformed into a standalone title. However after being unable to meet the high expectations of the console versions, the game was canned and seemingly lost forever in the abyss of game development.

Volition have rediscovered the game somewhere in their files labelled “Cancelled!” and decided to release it to the public, which is a rather nice thing to do. Saints Row Undercover was never fully finished so don’t expect a bug-free, smooth experience, but another Saints Row at no cost can only be a good thing.

To acquire the game you will need two things: firstly a Playstation Portable, better known as a PSP (for the youngsters among you it’s the first version of the PS Vita, or a handheld PS2), and secondly a PSP emulator or to have your PSP modded/chipped. Then you can head over to unseen64 to download the ISO file, along with a bunch of other cancelled or unseen video games.

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Rhys Cooper

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