With the imminent release of Battlefield: Hardline, Visceral Games has begun discussing what’s next for the studio.

Aside from the upcoming Star Wars game that’s being developed by Visceral Games currently, general manager Steve Papoutsis told GamesTM that he and his team would be interested in returning to the Dead Space franchise at some point.

“Many, many people here at Visceral have a warm spot in their heart for Dead Space, and right now we’re busy with Hardline and…other things, but it’s definitely something we’d love to look at again. There’s definitely a lot of interest internally for us to pick that up again at a future date.”

Based on that statement it doesn’t sound like we’ll hear anything about a new Dead Space game in the near future, but it’s always good to know that a development studio has “interest” in creating another entry at some point.

Let’s just hope when Visceral does eventually return to the Dead Space franchise, it goes back to the roots of the original game. Dead Space 2 and 3 weren’t bad games at all, but they sort of evolved into something the fans of the franchise never wanted them to be.

What would you like to see in Dead Space 4? Let us know in the comments.


Nick Calandra
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  1. The end, what happened to earth? did the last 2 games even happen or was issac hallucinating and still floating in space after he killed the hive mind?

  2. I enjoyed the first game, but I really dislike having to conserve ammo, so I did not play any more after that. I really like the concept of a dark space shooter where you level up your equipment.

    1. Conserving ammo is a hallmark of survival horror. That being said, each sequel became heavier on action, the third Dead Space has plenty of ammo and bigger spaces for battle. So you may want to check the sequels out. The third also has co-op.

      1. Thanks for the info. I may have to check that out, especially if it is couch co-op.

        1. DS3 had 2 players co-op and I was forced to play with those clueless jerkass who dragged me down…
          If DS4 is multiplay mode like Battlefield, I’ll forget about dead space entirely. Killing necromorphs is much easier than playing along with lagging dumbasses.

    2. That’s why its survival horror if they gave you a shit ton of ammo then it would just be a game with no point pretty much a shooting gallery

  3. 2 was the best of the 3. 3 would have been great had it made sense, and they’d had time to play test it, and the great reveal at the end no been that the aliens were the reavers from Mass Effect.

    1. Reavers from Mass Erection? Huh? I don’t see any relation to the other franchise besides it being sci-fi.

      1. *** SPOILERS FROM DS3 *** Super massive aliens which live forever, hybernate for centuries and recycle humans to make new versions of themselves? They sound awfully like the Reavers from Mass Effect to me.

        1. WTF are you talking about? The aliens are moon sized octopus-look alike thing that turn dead bodies into necromorph. The alien planet that issac thought it was original but it wasn’t. Those giant aliens were preys like humans.

  4. The first one will forever have a place in my heart as the hallmark of that signature experience. The replayability was the only thing that killed it’s pricetag value. The second one was absolutely amazing and the sheer horror of having to fight the Stalkers while upside down is still one of the most heart pounding moments I’ve ever experienced in a game.

    Then the third completely ruined it all with copy/pasted rooms, ammo literally hemorrhaging out of every orifice, and cheap jump-scares set in arena style environments. Co-op watered it down even further but remarkably the co-op was where the true horror experiences were actually to be had what with the changing dynamic is provided…

    Now if Dead Space 4 brought in a certain level of replayability, whether through a choice system (I for one love that in a game), since Isaac is no longer the silent protagonist… Without locking away all the dread and psychological horror behind co-op… It could be an absolutely amazing experience again without sticking to the same formula.

  5. I want the necromorph nightmare to finally be over.

  6. i would love it to be split screen for me and my dad. we both love them and hate we can not play together.

    1. I agree

  7. I loved all three games and even the installment made for mobile devices that shows exactly how the outbreak began on the Sprawl, taking place after the original game but before the second one.

  8. Would love to see a current gen Dead Space. Dead Space 2 is probably one of my all time favourite games. I enjoyed DS3 but not as much. May have something to do with the fact I’ve only ever co-opped through it. I guess it would be a different experience to do it alone.

  9. I absolutely loved the dead space series so the idea of a dead space 4 just makes me shake in excitement. If they ever do return to the franchise, I would like to be able to have different ammo for different weapons instead of one set for them all like it was in dead space three. I would also love it to be as scary as the first dead space.

  10. I think that if they made a 4th installment, it should be similar to the first 2. By that I mean, bring back the stores. Having to make decisions with limited funds. Made it a better survival game. Next it should remain a single player game. It’s creepier that way, and keeps the scares at its best. Now if you add in a new part to the game, a multiplayer that is like dead space 2s’ severed. Where 2 to 4 people can see what happened before Isaac got there. And at certain points they have no choice but to split u, but eventually find each other again, and with each time alone messes with the mind (bottom line no one survives this one, but to beat the game your the last one to die) so when you start to meet up again maybe your friends look like the necromorphs. And you have to make the choice. Meaning if you shoot your friend cause he looked like a necromorph at first, he may die. No coming back….

  11. WTF?! Each dead space got better, and scarier… Actually I think the cultist apartments in dead space 2 is the most scariest. My point is, dead space 2,3 improved on the original. For example, the weapons upgrading in the 3rd is addictively fun, plus the graphics are much better.

    I think the online component to dead space has potential. It would be cool if Visceral would make online cooperative monster raids or some type of firefight, survival matches.

    1. How could you say part 3 improved from part 2 the series took a nose dive man you obviously are not a dead space fan the first two were awesome the third not so much yes the upgrading was alright but other then that it was pretty much garbage

      1. Opinions…..

      2. Disagree the 3rd was excellent and a great ending to the trilogy. Matter of opinion.

    2. Bench got better and better. I had much fun just testing out all different weapon combinations in shooting range.

    3. You’re obviously one of the bros that the third game was designed to attract. No shame in it I guess that’s why it was made like that but what they didn’t plan on was that the real dead space fans would hate it which is why it failed and is widely considered to be the worst dead space game and by far too. 2 was good I’ll give you that but 3 was terrible and in large part because of the weapon crafting which changed every aspect of the game in some way or another.

  12. i hope there will be some action just like the unitologist guys…. i always hoped there will be fire battle, dismembering necromorphs is too boringg :/

  13. i imagine the game, like mass effect 3, returning to earth and killing necromorphs, but before that, we have to deal some with panthetic armies

  14. I think they should do it so thar you DON’T play issac clarke but someone new. A character on earth trying to survive the fully fledged necromorph invasion. It could based in a city like seen in the beginning of 3 or something similar.

  15. All I’m saying is, a game where you play as Michael Altman would be perfect. The first half of the game would be with Altman, and the second half would be filler story mixed with Isaac, making DS3: Awakening non-canon.

  16. Bring back some of the creepy elements like we had with Nicole. Nicole haunting Isaac in 2 was a great idea with the dementia. I remember playing 2, and having to go back to the ishimora, I was like, hell no. Ds3, it was ok, but awakened was great. Build off of that and keep it dark. Maybe bring Nicole back somehow like the trauma is effecting issaac much more now and it’s haunting him now he is with elli. Idk. Just my opinion.

  17. Please please please ! Bring back dead space it’s the only game that I had time
    Of work to go out and buy and play it again and again the series was absoulte epic for me and the thought of what you guys could do with a next gen console will surely blow our minds ! I agree with get back to 1-2 gameplay with you all alone and scared whitless ! Let’s make it happen !

  18. I want dead space 4.
    My brother and I have played through 3 on Co op half a dozen rimes. Pleaee…please…ppplllleeeaaassseeeee. Do dead space 4.
    Keep it co op. Please oh please oh please keep it co op.
    Ds1 great
    Ds 2. Meh, good game
    Ds3? Great. I loved it. One of my favorite games.
    PleAse do ds4.

    1. I like DS2 more than DS1, especially I played DS2 first. To me DS1 was like part of DS2. In DS2, Issac returned to Ishimura and went through the same shxt all over again in 2 chapters.

  19. I love DEAD SPACE very much. I cant wait for DS4 lol. Maybe some gamers don’t like puzzle but DS4 should add more or have some good reason to increase marketing:
    – 4 player Co op campaign (Isaac Clarke, John Carver, Ellie Langford, Dr/Scientist Asia?)
    – Horde/Survival mode
    – Versus mode
    Thank you to EA, Visceral Games and Dead Space fans that makes this game great!

    1. There were survival mode and co-op mode (2 were more than enough).
      What’s the point of versus mode? Do that and it’ll be the end of Dead Space franchise. Market is already crowded with these sorts of multiplay craps.

      1. N uuuuu… u think u can running away huh! R u afraid to play vs mode? Hey be in my team, I’ll got ur back n I’ll shot ur ass with friendly fire setting if u not shoot but just sit n hide always n like to throw ur smoke grenade! LOL! Only the highest selling will safe DEAD SPACE just like I said. Hey compare with some great game n u will know how it takes. Wake up bud! we need to safe DEAD SPACE!

    2. Terrible idea, you obviously weren’t an original dead space fan if you want more co op.

      1. Hey common! no negative comment bud. U think I don’t like DS1 style? U wrong. I like all DS gameplay style. Ive played DS1 with 1000 gs, DS2 1250 gs & DS3 1250 gs. U? huh!. DS need more just like I said. Hey bud if u wanna play stand alone style why not u just go at the dark cave at the midnight n u will know how the fear it is hahaha. So u don’t even care about DS rating sale right? U just think about urself. Open ur mind try to look at the most successful game like COD series, Halo series & Gears of War series. Wake up!

  20. Please bring back Dead Space. Bedt game ever!

  21. Issac loses his ability to speak after the last games events. Carver and Issac are now on the Alien planet. The Aliens are intelligent and more normal looking then expected but what would you expect from our creators? Our Gods? Discover new technologies and journey on an epic adventure to stop and destroy or join the Alien race who has planned to destroy what it considers its biggest mistake/creation. During game play you will experience intense survivial horror. More fear play and just the right amount of action. Puzzles and plenty of exploration. Of course there will be some twists and blood. Also not all humans are unified and neither are the Aliens.

  22. I love the entire dead space franchise. I played DS2 first, then went back to DS1. Unlike most, I loved DS2 much better than DS1. DS1 was too short. As with DS3, I didn’t really care about co-op mode, but I had to play it to obtain blueprints and stuff. HazMat suit was my most favourite. I totally look forward to DS4!!! Don’t do the thing like Ubisoft does to Assassin’s series. No need for multiplay for the sake of having multiplay. We don’t need multiplay in horror game.

  23. The main reason ds3 felt so much different as far as pacing, more action, more enemies etc… was almost purely because of the weapons crafting. The weapons crafting made universal ammo a necessity because it would be impossible to balance all those diff weapon possibilities with different ammo types which in turn made ammo much more plentiful and in turn made it necessary to add more enemies in each encounter to keep the game challenging which again in turn made the encounters feel more generic and action packed instead of the less equals more that the first two were so great at. Almost every complaint I had with dead space 3 if followed to its source eventually came back to the weapons crafting. It was an interesting idea and I’m sure they put a lot of work in it but it absolutely has to go if dead space 4 is to feel more like 1 and 2. There was one thing new I did like about ds3 and that was the side missions it had and I really hope they expand on the idea of a more open game if they make a 4 as long as it doesn’t compromise the amazing graphics, lighting and atmosphere that was in 1 and 2 but wasn’t quite as impressive in 3 I think due to the expanded size and openness of the game. By the way, on its own, dead space 3 is an awesome game, just not when compared to ds1 and 2, that’s how strong the franchise still is IMO and it deserves another shot.

  24. Dead Space 2 is one of the greatest games of all time. The depth, the atmosphere, the pacing, the tension, the attention to detail is just so awesome. Would love to see Dead Space 4 with Ellie as the lead (although seeing her ripped to pieces like Isaac was quite often might disturb some people – violence against women and all that, just speculating here. Strauss gouging her eye out was bad enough).

  25. I like the whole topic and discussion for a great EA and Visceral Games franchise like Dead Space, but since when did Dead Space 2 get lumped into the same box as Dead Space 3. Dead Space 2 was playing with the gamers mind as much as Issac’s and brought better zero gravity features, weapons, locations and horror to the game, especially the countless grouse ways you can die. 3 was fun but became too much of an action shoot’em up quest against monsters and enemy soldiers for that arrogant British guy…partally scary/intense, but through off the direction and rails it should have went towards. The original is solid, but if they focus on the elements of 2 for Dead Space 4 and really made it for next gen, I’d finally buy a PS4. I don’t believe the series is dead, no pun intended, but it seems Issac won’t be his full human self after surviving the end of 3 and Carver shot out into space with him.

  26. I agree with the topic and they should make Dead Space 4 like Dead Space 1 and 2. The game should have so much terror you can feel it in the walls as you walk. Taking the turn really slowly driven by fear. Constantly checking behind regardless of what you hear. Thats what was amazing in the first game, and not to mention HOW LONG IT WAS. The second was more of introducing new aspects of The Dead Space Universe. Nonetheless, had very scary moments and the multiplayer was sick. Playing as a necromorph, ambushing the enemy, just felt right. I hope no one ever gives up on this franchise. Never let it die! MAKE US WHOLE! THE MARKER.IS.FOR.ALL

  27. i think dead space 1 and 2 and half of 3 should be in the maken of dead space 4 but with a epic twist to it. more intence, scary, better gear, better armor, ext… dead space 4 should start off where dead space 3 left off at the end as a jump start to a epic, scary, horror quest.

  28. I think deadspace 4 should have a co-op mode like the third but instead of making you and your buddy stick together have some parts of the game where you got to go separate ways and increase the horror for when your alone on the separation parts and have things the do random jump scare things on both players when there in a part of the misson

  29. I really enjoyed DS2

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