I tried to write this all down without spoilers….. and probably did a bad job.

A while back I played 999 to get a firmer grip on a project and when my “fancy” 3DS finally showed up, I decided it was once again time to save dames, fight viruses, and break the very fabric of reality. I want to say I am half way through the game at this point, but something happened that has more or less wrecked half of the experience for me.

After messing around with options while heading towards my *2nd* ending…. I somehow figured out a password and login then gained access to one of the true endings. For those curious…… you start hearing about “nineth” and “lions” while walking around with Luna a whole bunch while promising to be her Ally.

To some this is going to sound impossible, but the game itself doesnt have proper blocks built in place to stop this from happening, once more if your the type that likes to be efficient, you’ll likely start playing through the arcs from left to right, which a true ending is most certainly in the second slot. So while everyone else got *lucky* and managed to jump around to various sections of the game looking for clues, seeing locales that were really quite essential to the plot, then understanding things slowly ( as the game is meant to be played) I was jumped and tossed straight to one of the possible endings.

The game is great, the puzzles have for the most part been even better then the ones in 999 while also feeling like their own unique “thing”, but none the less due to this one accidental mishap it feels like my experience has been tainted a bit. Instead of focusing on the story or trying to figure out what exactly Radical 6 is, my mind keeps going over why this particular ending wasn’t somehow frozen like the true ending in 999 (which required a viewing of the infamous safe ending in order to reach it). Why hadn’t many endings been coded in to happen before seeing this particular path? and I would also like to point out that other endings actually have ” To be continued” messages appearing when your close to something game devs dont want you to see yet, while this ending had absolutely none of that ( and before anyone says anything, no this ending wasn’t something the game designers intended you to see immediately, it ruins things.).

If anyone can get me in touch with a VLR game designer I would truly appreciate it

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