The reveal trailer for the civilization management Viking RTS, Northgard, has been released.

After traveling for many a month and year, your group of explorers stumble upon a new land: Northgard. It is a fertile one offering riches beyond your wildest dreams, but only if you can tame the land. You must build your small colony up from a ragtag group of huts to a bustling village. This is especially important as you must gather the resources needed to survive the undead, slay or speak with the giants, and live through devastating winters.

Created by Shiro Games (Evoland series), Northgard seeks to dip into the rich pool of narrative that is Norse mythology. One example of this seems to appear in the trailer: Yggdrasil, also known as The Tree of Life. This is layered on top of a worker-management system (you assign workers as needed) with resource gathering and technology research.

While the gameplay in the trailer looks nothing special, albeit with an atypical harshness, I believe it’s the mythology the developer is banking on. The trailer of Northgard goes beyond depicting Vikings as horned-helmet-wearing warmongering jolly/brutal chaps, including references to the civilization outside of pop-culture. I have to admit that it is relieving to not see a single horned-helmet, an item that is roughly as historically accurate as Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

Northgard will be available soon for PC.

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