The founder and general manager of Vigil Games, President of Gunfire Games, and director of Darksiders 1 and David Adams confirmed details about Vigil’s unreleased project, Crawler.

While speaking to one of Gameumentary’s Kickstarter backers as part of the team’s recent Darksiders documentary, Adams was asked about the Crawler project, rumored to have been started at Crytek.

Adams clarified the project was started at THQ after the completion of Darksiders 2. Originally intended to be another instalment of the Darksiders franchise, Crawler would have featured Strife, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Eventually, Crawler became a unique project and would have been set in a procedurally-generated world, traversed with invented items, and, as Adams says, included “a lot of the DNA of a Darksiders game.”

Adams spoke of the potential setting, a fantasy styling of the 1800s, which he has a great affinity for. The name “Crawler” came from ‘dungeon crawler’ as the the team saw the whole game world—a large sprawling city—as a single, large dungeon. Adams let slip that some of the enemies or NPCs in the game would have been vampires and werewolves, inspired by the pen-and-paper RPG Deadlands.

A functioning prototype was shown to THQ, to keen excitement. While Adams would like to return to a fantasy 1800s setting, he managed to dodge the question of whether Gunfire Games might ever return to Crawler.

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