Broken Roads

Drop Bear Bytes announced the addition of veteran developer Colin McComb to the robust creative team working on Broken Roads.

Colin McComb is a veteran of power house RPGs; Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2, and Wasteland are just a few titles under his belt. He won the Origins Award for best game adventure in the ’90s for Dragon Mountain and another for writing the Dungeons and Dragons supplement Birthright. Colin joins the team as creative lead on Drop Bear Bytes’s new part-based RPG Broken Roads.

Newly established studio Drop Bear Bytes comprises a crew of talented developers. Former gaming journalist Craig Ritchie founded the company and boasts a strong resume, having worked on titles such as DUST 514,  EVE: Valkyrie, and several other projects.

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John McCool
John has two main passions in life, gaming and writing. Survival Horror and RPGs are his two favorite genres, but he'll throw down in some fighters if need be. Whenever he is not battling the forces of evil, he is chilling with his amazing wife and cat Kennedy.

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