Slovakian indie studio Fatbot Games has announced a release date for Vaporum, a first-person grid-based dungeon crawler with steampunk elements and an immersive narrative.

Scheduled for release on PC via Steam on September 28, 2017, Vaporum is inspired by old school dungeon crawlers, such as 1983’s Dungeon Master and its clone Eye of the Beholder. Players travel through a strange tower rising from the depths of the sea, solving puzzles and battling strange mechanical enemies as they unravel the mystery of how they arrived there in the first place.

Featuring fully-voiced main characters, Vaporum tells its story through phono-diaries players find while exploring the mysterious mechanical setting. Puzzles and level-wide objectives encourage gamers to use their wits and reflexes to progress, searching through secret passages and discovering unique items. A trailer found at the official website offers a glimpse at gameplay, showing the protagonist moving about the tower and defeating several mechanical arachnid constructs:

Vaporum offers a wide range of skills for players to choose from, utilizing an array of gadgets for direct and area-of-effect attacks, as well as both offensive and defensive buffs. Each enemy type present within the game has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, attacks, and defense mechanisms, encouraging gamers to employ different tactics to conquer them. Players may change their loadout at any time, upgrading the exoskeleton their character wears with whatever gadgets they deem necessary to defeat their enemies.

A special substance known as “fumium” fuels the player’s exoskeleton. This strange blue substance is absorbed from defeated enemies, and as the player gathers more fumium, their exoskeleton becomes more powerful. Unlocking additional exoskeleton circuits grants permanent attribute bonuses and passive skills, allowing for an extreme amount of customization.

Vaporum is the first project to come from Fatbot Games, an indie development company based in the small Central European country of Slovakia. Founded by Tibor Repta and Matej Zajačik, Fatbot’s core team is composed of four veterans with 43 years of combined experience in the video game industry.

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