DONTNOD Entertainment has released the third episode of its four-part webseries, giving gamers even more insight into the creative process behind upcoming action-RPG Vampyr.

DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – ‘Episode 3: Human After All’ introduces more exclusive gameplay footage, with an additional focus on the citizens of historical London and how the development team strove to make each individual the player meets feel as human as possible.

This week’s video reveals the intrinsic importance of London’s citizenry to both Vampyr’s gameplay and narrative. Players gain experience for doctor-turned-vampire and protagonist Johnathan Reid to enhance and evolve his powers, but the most effective way to gain such strength is not through questing or defeating enemies in pitched battle. Instead, the fastest way to increase Reid’s vampiric prowess is by killing and feeding on the humans who reside within the game’s four districts. Using Reid’s skill as a doctor to cure victim’s illnesses and gain insight into their lives will allow players to increase the amount of experience gained from each citizen, but that bonus comes at a dark cost.

As explained in the video, players will hear the dying thoughts of every Londonite they sacrifice, adding a poignant and bittersweet sentiment to each death. The development team hopes this emotional element will stir the hearts of gamers, causing them to consider the citizens of London as more than “nameless blood bags.” In addition, the death of each citizen will erode the status of the district they belonged to, and too many deaths will result in an evacuation of that district, causing them to be overrun with dangerous enemies.

Set in 1918 London just after World War I, Vampyr is an action-RPG that places players into the shoes of Doctor Johnathan Reid, a man recently turned into a creature of the night. In a city weakened by conflict and ravaged by the Spanish Flu, players must balance the need to feed with the state of a rapidly deteriorating London. Players have the freedom to choose who to sacrifice and who to save, but each kill bears with it consequences that will affect the rest of the game.

Vampyr is scheduled for release sometime in the spring, but anxious gamers who enjoyed the first three parts of the webseries can look forward to one final installment of DONTNOD Presents Vampyr next Thursday. Interested readers should be sure to check back in with OnlySP next week for that last episode, and can view the first and second episodes here if they were missed the first time around.

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Jennifer Anderson
Also known as Twist, Jennifer is a gamer, author, and digital artist who spent the early days of her childhood beating her stepfather's friends at Space Invaders and Pole Position on a beat-up Atari console, after which they would promptly complain to her mother. Now a competitive Diablo 3 player, she splits her time between writing, loving her dog Emmie, and putting her monk through nephalem rifts in a quest for the top spot on the seasonal leaderboards.

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