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Vampyr, the upcoming vampiric role-playing game from Dontnod Entertainment of Life Is Strange fame, has a new gameplay trailer that focuses on the title’s bloody and visceral combat system.

Much of the trailer, which also contains some story and lore details, focuses on the combat system, which looks fluid with a large focus on dodging and counter-attacks. A glance of a werewolf-style monster of the night is also seen, suggesting that the game may delve into other mythologies outside of vampirism.

The title of the trailer, “Becoming the Monster”, may be a reference to Vampyr‘s dialogue and morality embrace systems, which affects the game’s ending.

The embrace, or in more draconian terminology, sucking the blood of the player’s victims, serves as Vampyr‘s greatest source of experience points and leveling. Players will, depending on their play style, balance their blood-drinking habits with decisions on who to kill and when.

As players investigate the lives of various people, they must decide who is deserving to die, with each possible death having a wide impact of consequences on the game’s setting of London.

Vampyr suffered an extensive delay last year, with the project releasing on June 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Previous details on Vampyr has discussed the title’s story, art, and morality system, with discussion on combat details being relatively superficial up until now.

The new trailer, embedded below, transcribes the game’s vampiric theme to combat effortlessly:

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