Vampire's Fall: Origins

Developer Early Morning Studio has recently released the 2D, turn-based combat RPG, Vampire’s Fall: Origins on Steam.

The vampire fantasy indie was initially released on Apple Store and Google Play but has now been remade for PC and was released last week. According to the game’s Steam page, the narrative is set in a village of Vamp’Ire and is focused on a Witchmaster who is rumoured to be conjuring up dark magic and has disturbed the peace.

The player will be selected by fear-ridden villagers to help form a defense in a village army against the Witchmaster. However, the role becomes more complicated; as the studio added, “Little do you know, fate has something special in store for you…”.

Furthermore, the studio also described the game as a tribute to classic RPGs. Players will be able to create a fully customisable playable character, choosing from four bloodlines: Nosferatu, Ranjeni, Magistrav, and Equides. The PC trailer (embedded below) showcases three bloodlines and outlines their characteristics and strengths. The Nosferatu bloodline is known for its power and cruelty, the Magistrav are known for magic and cruelty, and the Ranjeni are described as masters of deception.

Additionally, the trailer showcases the isometric vamped up Gothic medieval graphic art style reminiscent of Diablo and revealed that players can expect 100 hours of gameplay.

The narrative-driven RPG offers players a deeply immersive story, whereby the player can choose to be either the hero or villain with engaging dialogue choices. Another key feature is the tactical combat with more than 250 unique weapons and armour.

Comparative to the platforms mentioned above, the studio highlighted that the recent Steam release offers more pleasing aesthetics and sound, especially with textures. In an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, Emir Kuljanin, co-founder of Early Morning Studio, mentioned that the PC version of the game has received a remake of the audio.

Kuljanin also stated that the team was inspired by classic RPGs. “We grew up playing games like Diablo and Baldur’s [G]ate, so the old-school RPGs were definitely the ones that inspired us.”

However, he acknowledged that the indie team is limited by being made up of only three people compared to the big classic RPGs, but he wants players to know that the studio has passion and spirit.

Kuljanin emphasised that his opinion that humour is the formula that binds the game together and that the humour is rooted in a gloomy world:

It’s a mostly dark and gritty world, but with a lot of humor and witty dialogues. I actually think the humor in the game is one of the greatest strengths.

When asked about the studio’s plan for the future with Vampire’s Fall: Origins and future projects, he said, “We still don’t feel like we’re done with Vampire’s Fall: Origins, so we’re going to keep working on that for a while.” Kuljanin added that “further down the road, yes we’ll either make a completely new RPG or maybe another game in the Vampire’s Fall-series.”

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is available for USD$10.39 on PC via Steam, and is currently 20 percent off until February 7.

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