Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, despite its severe lack of polish, has enamoured RPG fans for years, but Paradox may bring the 2004 title to the modern age.

Paradox, which owns Vampire: The Masquerade creator White Wolf Publishing, bundled in the tease in its new dating app game, Tender. The game’s metadata is filled with distinctly vampiric undertones, with the most obvious of which reading as follows:

“Whether you’re looking for meaningful friendships, true love or simply a late night bite with a kindred spirit, Tender is here to help.”

After signing up and creating an account, users are met with left-field questions, touching upon the occult and demonology. Signs point to the app being based in an alternate reality, likely that of the goth world of Vampire: The Masquerade.

The metadata also reveals that the developer behind the app is Alice & Smith, a specialist in ARPG titles. A video, too, has been unearthed, featuring some music that certainly feels synonymous with blood-sucking.

Be sure to re-visit OnlySP’s 2017 profile on Paradox and the studio’s mission to “bring light to darkness.

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