Steam Controller

Valve has announced that its Steam Controller will be discontinued and the price of the controller has dropped 90%.

Valve confirmed the remaining Steam Controllers are the last batch that will ever be made. Last year, Valve also confirmed that it would discontinue its HDMI cable device, Steam Link.

Steam Link was priced at USD$50 when it launched, but by the time the device was discontinued, it was on sale for USD$2.50. Similarly, now the Steam Controller is on sale for just USD$5 plus USD$8 for shipping within the US, and once the controller sells out, it is gone for good.

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George Yang
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  1. You put the wrong picture on your article ;) it’s not the final Steam Controler it may be a prototype ? (the real one didn’t have the 4 button “D-pad” but an analogic pad !

    1. Thanks for catching that! We’ve updated the featured image to show the correct controller.

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