EDIT: Updated the title to reflect a slight error in how the time stamps were read. Apologies for the confusion.

EDIT: Full time stamps of each trophy. The first trophy is not recorded time wise, but each trophy after that is recorded by the length of time it took to obtain that trophy after collecting the first one. As you can see, some trophies say 21 hours near the bottom.  So from the time it took the player to get the first trophy, it took around 5 hours or so to get the completed game trophy. So, the time to complete the game could be anywhere from 5 hours or more. Still a rumor though, play the game for yourself, don’t let a game’s length dictate your purchase or rental of the game.

According to a user on PSN Profiles who seemingly has a copy of The Order: 1886 already in their hands, the game potentially has a rather short run-time.

A user going by the name of wMikkel, has apparently beaten The Order: 1886 in under 5 hours according to his trophy list. Now, I wouldn’t take that with full certainty that The Order: 1886 is a short game, as the player may have skipped cutscenes, or just ran through the game to see just how fast they could beat it. And, of course as we all know, a game with a short run time doesn’t mean it’s a bad game either.

Looking at the monetary value though of a game that short, is a bit questionable. In a previous news report, we reported that The Order: 1886 should last players around 10-12 hours, but depending on your play-style you can obviously give or take a few hours from that total time.

We’ll know for sure just how long of a game The Order: 1886 is in a couple weeks, so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. So it took the length of the game to kill 15 people? And in today’s time, why a twit post vs screenshot? Not that I do not believe you can load that game on easy and beat that quick, there are more games than not that take that long but, we all already know there is a bounty in trying to bring this game down through the media. Proof would go longer in providing an article.

    1. Dude…nobody’s trying to bring the game “down” here. As a single player site we’re heavily anticipating this one. All that’s being passed along here is information to inform potential buyers, as is our job to do so. Everything said here is completely neutral.

      1. Like I said above, I didn’t say anything negative just like the article didn’t say anything negative. I’m just saying with today’s console, the actual screen shots can provide the solid information rather that a twit pic.

        1. Well, we didn’t play the game haha so can’t provide that :)

      2. You should inform people based on facts in that case.

        1. Yup a mistake was made and I acknowledged it. Nothing more to say there.

    2. Proof such as his live, verifiable PSN profile you mean? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3291-The-Order-1886/wMikkel

      “So it took the length of the game to kill 15 people?”

      No, to incinerate 15… which clearly requires a specific flame-based weapon that you may only have access to at a certain point in the game.

      1. Like I said, I believe it would take this long. Anyone getting defensive is the reason I said what I have said. Everyone under the sun knows how this game has been treated. I just said I found it odd that screen shots and such can be done and why not post those for the article? One would not have to release who has played the game.
        Sounds reasonable just like my question. I didn’t bash the site just like the article didnt.

        1. You may be mistaking the writers of this site for the person who played the game? They don’t have screenshots to prove anything, because they’re not the ones who played it.

          They wrote this article based on this guys PSN profile which shows the difference between his first trophy and completing the game is less than 5 hours. Even if we give The Order the beneift of the doubt and assume the first trophy took him 2 hours (unlikely) – it’s still incredibly short for such a game.

          We’re used to Call of Duty being that short, because it’s an annual copy & paste fest.

          But this game is hyped up so massively and talked about as a deep, long, meaningful “cinematic” experience… anything less than 10 hours is unforgivable in this situation.

          I’ve seen nothing but maga-hype for this game, so I’m not sure what sites you visit that has “treated” this game in a bad way?

          1. There is no mistaken and once again, anything can be screen grabbed. Why is this hard to comprehend?
            Like or dislike what you want. Just like I do. I clicked on the article to read and see. I brought that simple fact. Who spends money on what or what they prefer is not my buisness. But to say it is uncommon? For this style of game? That is a mistake. This has been the norm for years. Gears of war, last halos, uncharted was an average of 5.5 hrs, most single player campaigns have all been in this range. Love it or hate, that’s no my buisness and it is not yours to speak for others either. But to say it is not the norm is blind.

          2. PSN Profiles is a legitimate source for tracking trophies, just like Raptr. You can see his full trophy list right here – https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3291-The-Order-1886/wMikkel?order=date&lang=en-gb#content – I found this link after writing the article so I’ll put a source link at the bottom.

      2. Where does that site list the time it took to complete? Not saying it’s not legit just genuinely curious. Is there any other verifiable sources that couldn’t be photoshopped like that twit pic? I see that a gamer called druckman had finished it too, I wonder what his time was like? Hopefully if it is only 5 hours its at least a good solid 5, but not the best omen for the game.

          1. Nice, thanks for the link. Hopefully you can take your time w/ the game & pad that 5 hours a bit.

  2. This is not uncommon, people speed through games all the time.

    1. 2nd paragraph of the post says exactly that ;)

    2. It’s uncommon to speed through a supposedly 15+ hour game in under 5 hours on your first try.

      There’s not a lot else for the player to do apart from clear an area and move onto the next. Not much to take up your time to expand the game length, from what we know about the game.

      We can assume this player doesn’t know any speedrunning tricks yet, and that the game is very linear. That amounts to the cold fact that this is going to be a painfully short (and averagely reviewed) game.

      1. Or we could assume that they played on the easiest difficulty with the goal of completing it as fast as possible as many achievement hunter players do… We can all make a lot of assumptions prior to the general public getting to actually play the game. Length is not the ultimate arbiter of a quality experience. Maybe we should all relax and wait to pass judgement.

        1. Of course, but going on what they’ve shown us, I’m not holding my breath for anything other than a generic shooter with pretty 900p/30fps visuals that for some reason everyone is having an orgasm over after claiming “games simply aren’t next gen unless they’re 1080p/60fps”

          1. ffs… Its people liek you that plain and simply DO NOT understand what NEXT GEN MEANSSS!!!! Next Gen is about the fucking leap in experience not the fucking hardware!!! fgs!!! its soo annoying sheesh!

  3. Told ya. Gonna be sucky at the length. RAD was trying to add a lengthy background history the other day that makes up for the deficit.

    Not talking about quality here, just quantity.

    1. Length has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of a game. A game can be 3 hours long and be one of the best gaming experiences you ever have. Or a game can be 20 hours and be one of the worst.

      1. Tell me the name of this 3 hour blockbuster.

    2. Skyrim can be completed in 51mins
      Dark Souls in 23mins
      Far Cry 4 in 15mins
      Grim Fangango in 55mins

      With your logic all the games I mentioned above a “sucky” right? Dude, I’d love to live life with your logic. Life must be so simple.

      1. Those games can be beaten so quickly because people have had such a long time to try new things.

        This game isn’t even out yet, this person clearly played it for the first time and knows no speedrun techniques or shortcuts (there likely are no shortcuts considering the linearity of the game)

        Looking at the gameplay, let’s compare it to something like Gears of War. By no means the longest games in the world, but on your first try on normal mode each of the Gears games can take you over 8 hours easily.

        And Gears of War has a big multiplayer component, which The Order doesn’t have. So what’s holding The Order back? Rushed to fill a 2015 slot for Sony?

  4. The author might want to read this forum post from the user in question & possibly update this article:

    “I didn’t get my first trophy at the start of the game, but I can’t say yet how long it took me. But not 5 hours!”

    Here’s the link to the thread: https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/24032-someone-already-has-trophies-for-the-game/

    Apparently the time was referring to how long it took from his first trophy to completing? Not sure what the deal is but it seems like he’s alluding to the fact that the game is longer than 5 hours anyway.

    1. So, here’s how that website works. If you look here – https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3291-The-Order-1886/wMikkel?order=date&lang=en-gb#content – His first trophy doesn’t have a time stamp on it, but every trophy after does. So from the time he got that first trophy, it took about an hour 30 min to get the next one, and about 5 hours to get the completed game trophy. Next to the time stamp for that, it has the +14 min which I would assume is a give or take from the time he got the first trophy. The first trophy is after you kill 5 enemies with a headshot, so based on that I can’t imagine it would take more than half an hour to an extra hour to do that.

      Yea, but based on the expected playtime of 8-10 hours according to Shinboi on NeoGAF, 5-6 hours wouldn’t be out of the question.

      1. Oh ok that makes sense, from his comments it sounded like he was saying that the 5 hours was in regards to how long it took from that first trophy to completion. Of course he’s a Sony employee so I’m sure he most likely wouldn’t let any potentially negative information slip so he might have been coloring it up a bit. Hopefully taking your time w/ the game will pad that out quite a bit. As long as the whole thing is quality I’m fine w/ whatever the run time may be but when RAD were saying they were taking inspiration from UC2 I was hoping that would involve the epic pace & length of that game as well.

  5. The only thing stopping me from getting this day one at full price is the length. This has to be untrue though. No way a blockbuster AAA exclusive is anything less than 8-10 hours. If this is real “Damn” is all I can say.

    1. What about screw you to Phony & Ready at Dawn? If it’s true!

  6. Doesn’t anyone find it odd that Mr. X is the one being tweeted to here. And for your information, Tim Dog and Mr. X are the same person. Besides that weirdness, I am still looking forward to playing this game.

  7. Just like Gears of war

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