Unto the End

Unto the End invites players to overcome tough environmental and combat challenges by using thought and wit according to co-developer, Stephen Danton.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, Danton revealed that the game’s combat system will focus on player immersion by enabling multiple, thought-provoking solutions to encounters and environmental challenges.

Unto the End‘s gameplay features a stream of puzzles that players can unwind on their adventure. Danton expressed that environmental puzzles and traps were inspired by Inside, but he was quick to highlight that the title is not a puzzle platformer.

The majority of puzzles are solved via combat encounters and some will feel impossible to beat at first. However, the game rewards players for expansive thinking, how they approach combat, and which skills they choose. The title also allows challenges to be solved by finding various non-combative methods including fleeing and befriending opponents.

Danton continued to explain that Unto the End features multiple solution puzzles and traps which only have one solution are included. However, he expanded by outlining the deliberate nature of every individual challenge in the game:

Any challenge we put in the game, combat or otherwise, is there for a reason. If there’s a trap it’s because some creature built it and put it there. If there’s a puzzle to overcome it’s because of some event that shifted the landscape.

Danton stated that these puzzles and how players’ overcome them “is the story, one created by your unique decisions and actions.” Unto the End encourages players to use wit to feel that they are the hero.

OnlySP will be releasing the full interview with 2 Ton Studios soon, so be sure to check that out for more details about the game.

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