Have you played Until Dawn yet? If so, read on dear reader. If not, you’ll want to avoid anything I say past this next sentence as we’ll be discussing major spoilers for Supermassives’ wonderful horror game, Until Dawn.

As more and more of you continue to play Until Dawn, we want to hear your experiences with the game. So, this won’t be a super long analytical look at the game, but more of a share your story type of deal. And, if this piece proves somewhat popular, it’s something we’d like to regularly do here on OnlySP, as we’re all about the gaming narrative.

To begin, I only managed to save two of the characters in Until Dawn by the time the game ended. Chris and Sam were the lucky ones, while every other character suffered a rather gruesome demise. I was happy that Sam survived, as she was one of my favorite characters in the game, but the main person I was really rooting for was Ashley. Unfortunately, she died due to my stupidity in thinking I could outsmart the game.

You see, Until Dawn uses about every stereotypical b-horror movie trope you’ve come to expect. Like, the fact that the game gives you a manual with what NOT to do, or what to EXPECT when it comes to the Wendigo creatures later on in the game. Mimicking someone in need is one of those things to expect.

Well, as you can guess Ashely inspected the sound of someone in need and came away from the scene without a head.  I was pretty shocked when it happened, and severely disappointed in myself for making such a stupid mistake. Cause you know when you’re watching a b-horror movie you’re yelling at the screen calling the characters idiots for investigating something they probably shouldn’t, yea well, sorry Ashley.

As for the rest of my characters, the flamethrower dude was decapitated, Josh’s head was smashed, Matt ended up on a spike, Emily and Mike blown to bits and Jessica, poor poor Jessica had her jaw ripped off.

The funniest part about all of this is that I had made it through half of the game thinking some characters died before they actually did. So I felt accomplished for a while, and then the game swiftly and disturbingly took it all away from me. Thanks Supermassive.

I’d rather not recap all my choices that I made since I obviously don’t remember them all, but I’d also rather not spoil the entire game for someone who hasn’t replayed it yet, as you literally cannot see all that Until Dawn has to offer without playing the game more than once. I’m currently working on a review for a couple other games, so I haven’t had time to jump back in, buy I’m curious to see who lived and died in your playthrough.

Let us know in the comments section below and let’s compare and contrast  the gruesome encounters you faced in this heavily choice driven game. If you made it through with everyone surviving, you better show us some damn proof.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. I managed to make it through the game with only one fatality, and it was Josh. I was pretty happy with that result, and paradoxically, a little disappointed that I hadn’t seen more blood. I think I’ll play it through again this weekend and make some dumber decisions. Specifically, Chris and Ashley aren’t going to make it through the next playthrough, and possibly Matt and Jess as well. I started Emily’s chapter in the mine thinking that I was going to enjoy “accidentally” making a mistake, but it ended up being one of my favorite chapters and by the end my palms were sweaty trying to ensure that she survived (which she did). Great game!

    1. How do you save BOTH Josh and Ashley when Chris has to decide?

      1. It’s impossible to answer that without giving away a huge spoiler, sorry! Just keep playing, the butterflies will tell you what decisions led to what deaths.

        1. Ahh, can’t wait to finish this game :D thanks anyway!

      2. Yea, finish the game first then come back and tell us what happened if you haven’t beaten it already!

  2. I managed to keep 2 alive! Sam and Emily. Mike got his neck broken! Chris and Flamethrower dude got beheaded! Josh literally had his head squashed! Matt had his face bashed in! Jessica fell down a shaft to her death! Ashley got blown to pieces! Pretty awesome game!

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