Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn has been a surprising success for Sony. With excellent fan and critical feedback and the rise of VR there have been many murmurs about sequel development. In a smart move, Sony and Supermassive are capitalizing on that success with a new title. But it’s not a sequel, it’s more of a prequel/concurrent story. If you haven’t played Until Dawn and still plan too, stay away from this trailer and our words following, while not directly, they are certainly borderline spoilery… You’ve been warned!

Featuring a whopping 10 seconds of live-action, the announcement cuts over to Executive Producer Simon Harris to explain to us, with the aid of screenshots, what exactly Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is. It seems as if Supermassive is really taking this “on-rails” concept to heart for the transition to Playstation VR, as at least part of the Rush of Blood experience will by on rollercoaster or mine-cart, it’s not totally clear. The story is based around the “mad descent” of one of the main characters of the original game. From the screenshots, it’s quite obvious who that is. It makes sense to have a surreal VR experience in the mind of a person experiencing a psychotic episode.

How well that translates into a gaming experience remains to be seen and experienced, but Harris promises to retain the branching narratives and player choices that were key to the Until Dawn PS4 experience. So, how about it? Are you excited for more Until Dawn, and in VR no less? Let us know, and as always check us out on social media and share our content with your friends.

James Schumacher
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