Unsung Story

Former Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians developer Playdek has dropped out of the Kickstarter project following three troubled years of broken promises and questionable actions.

The game–which raised $660,000–is now being finished up by Little Orbit.

In an update posted on Unsung Story‘s Kickstarter page following an eight-month silence, Playdek stated that it has handed the project over to Little Orbit, the studio known for developing adaptations including Kung Fu Panda, Adventure Time, and Young Justice. Playdek, meanwhile, is primarily known for developing mobile games and desktop conversions, with Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardian planned to be a tactical RPG.

Unsung Story was being developed in close collaboration with Yasumi Matsuno, the Japanese game designer best known for his work on Final Fantasy XII. With the project now being handled by Little Orbit—which might have different plans for the future of the game—Matsuno’s future involvement remains unclear. Still, the update provided by Playdek states Little Orbit believes Unsung Story “can be an amazing Tactics RPG”, hinting that the fundamental concepts and ideas of the game should remain intact.

As Kotaku conveniently collates, Unsung Story has always been a rocky project. In September 2013, Yasumi Matsuno himself revealed two Unsung Story titles were being developed—one being a digital card game, and the other a tactical RPG. Initially planned to release near the end of 2014, the latter project eventually moved to Kickstarter, delaying the release to July 2015.

Playdek then remained rather quiet on the project despite its goal being reached mere hours before the planned Kickstarter deadline. From that moment onward, the game was delayed multiple times, with uneasy development and financial troubles slowing Unsung Story down. Now that the project has found a home with a new developer, only time will tell whether the beleaguered title will ever see the light of day.

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