Yesterday, The Universim — a god game by indie development house Crytivo Games — reached its Kickstarter goal. The campaign was highly successful; earning over $400,000 between the actual Kickstarter campaign and PayPal donations. As a result, the game hit two of its stretch goals: multi-language support and the addition of dinosaurs.

According to an update on the Kickstarter page, “work has begun on the first playable Alpha.” The developers plan to launch said Alpha by the end of the year, with a full-on release in late 2015.

In our interview with Crytivo copywriter Kyle Lautenbach, it was confirmed that The Universim would be self-published. “We plan on developing the game alongside the community and make decisions that benefit the community first. With a publisher, that philosophy will probably lower the profit margins and thus be snuffed out. Then we would lose the very soul of our game.”

Lautenbach also talked about the possibility of a console release. “If we do develop for consoles, we would probably approach it like a new game and redesign a number of things to better suit the specific consoles. That is the best way to approach multi-platform projects if they are not developed in parallel.”

You can read Lachlan’s full interview with Kyle Lautenbach right here.

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