Unforeseen Incidents

Unforeseen Incidents, the debut game from German developer Backwoods Entertainment, is a classically designed investigative adventure through a city on the brink of an epidemic, releasing for PC on May 24, 2018.

Curiously, for a game that deals with the possibility of contagion at every corner, the art style is cartoony with shades of inspiration from late ’90s animations. The disease-ridden plot, too, is diluted with a strong mood of modern noir and small-town intrigue, ripped straight from Fargo or Gravity Falls.

Story-wise, players assume the role of Harper Pendrell, who meets a dying woman in the street, leading to a series of events where he uncovers a menacing conspiracy.

For its gameplay, Unforeseen Incidents has taken inspiration from classic point-and-click adventures, but the title appears to offer a more modern, streamlined take on the genre.

The debut trailer contains some more details, along with a look of the project’s flashy art style and sharp writing:

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Ben Newman

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