Underworld Ascendant

Underworld Ascendant, the debut game from OtherSide Entertainment, has received its first official trailer, showing off some of the emergent gameplay that is at the core of the title.

The trailer, embedded below, shows players using water arrows to douse flaming torches, creating bridges out of physical objects, and using parkour-styled movements systems to traverse gaps, among a host of other mechanics. This freedom is one of the core tenets of the title, as OtherSide Entertainment’s goal is to recreate and enhance the player-focused design of the original Ultima Underworld games from the early 1990s.

This footage represents the first official gameplay to be released by the development studio since the project’s successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2015. At that time, OtherSide Entertainment comprised primarily of individuals who worked on the likes of System Shock 2, Thief, and Deus Ex. Meanwhile, although originally serving only as an adviser, Warren Spector, the creative mind behind the Deus Ex series, officially joined the team as Studio Director in early 2016.

Underworld Ascendant is currently targeting a PC, Mac, and Linux release later in 2018. Meanwhile, the developers are also working on System Shock 3.

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Damien Lawardorn
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