Kicking off today’s conference at PSX, a new Uncharted game, subtitled The Lost Legacy, was revealed with a fascinating gameplay demo. Starring the original trilogy’s Chloe Frazer, The Lost Legacy looks to switch up the tone in a big way from the core story of A Thief’s End.

Beginning with a walk through dilapidated streets, the scenery echoes Uncharted 2‘s destroyed Nepalese city (UPDATE: The entire game is confirmed to take place in India). Soon, the action turns to stealth: our heroine is clearly trying to get somewhere that she does not belong. At this point, the visuals and incredible mise en scène are unmistakably Naughty Dog, but the tone is enough to make you believe it could be The Last of Us.

The player sneaks through a building guarded by multiple mercenaries, reaching the top with a view of the military conflict stretching across the city. We then see what looks like an upgraded melee system (or could just be cutscene mode) in a fight between the player and several of the mercenaries, some of whom have South African accents. Just when all seems lost, A Thief’s End‘s Nadine comes to the rescue, at which time the player is revealed as Chloe.

Originally believed to be part of the DLC plan for Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog confirmed that The Lost Legacy is in fact a stand alone chapter in the vein of Infamous: First Light, and does not require the original game to play.

Chloe’s absence from A Thief’s End was a shame after her truncated role at the start of Uncharted 3. Having an entire story, even a short one, with Chloe as the lead is an excellent treat for fans of the series.

There is currently no release date set for The Lost Legacy, but if the timeline is similar to that of The Last of Us‘ DLC, expect it some time in the first half of 2017.

Mitchell Ryan Akhurst
Hailing from outback New South Wales, Australia, Mitchell can prattle on about science fiction shooters and tactics-RPGs until the cows come home, but he loves to critique any game in entertaining and informative fashion. He also bears a passion for the real-life stories that emerge out of game development

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