Just last week we reported on Tidux’s report that Uncharted 4 would be taking a “darker” tone than the series was previously known for. It seems that after today, that statement has a little more weight behind it.

In a new interview with Gameinformer, we learn that the directors of The Last of Us, Bruce Stanley and Neil Druckman, have taken over Amy Henning’s previous role as the creative director on Uncharted 4. If you missed the news earlier this year, Henning has moved over to Visceral Games to lead the development of their upcoming Star Wars action adventure title, which is currently unannounced.

Christophe Balestra spoke to Gameinformer on the subject of Neil and Bruce taking over and what changes would come about from their new direction. Balestra explained, “They have to fall in love with the game they’re making, right? They’ll make the changes that they think are right. They’re going to have to adjust what they’ve got and make it what they think is right for this game. There are some changes, obviously, that they will be making.”

Evan Wells chimed in on the topic of Uncharted’s change in direction saying, “We sure hope you’re surprised by how amazing it looks! It’s going to be an exciting story, and I think people are going to really buy into this one in a way that I think is consistent with the rest of the stories. It’s a stand-alone adventure like all of them are; we don’t expect people to have played the past games to enjoy the current one. But you’re going to get to experience Drake and his crew in a new way.”

It will be interesting to see what Neil and Bruce bring to the Uncharted series after coming off development from The Last of Us. The two have worked with the Uncharted series before on the first two entries in the series, so they’re not “new” to the series and what fans expect. But, maybe some of their new storytelling techniques will come into play within Uncharted 4 and create a story with a bit more “darker” tone as Tidux stated in his recent Tweet.

In regards to the topic of Naughty Dog’s evolving story telling techniques and how it would carry over to future projects, Wells stated, “If you go from Uncharted 1 to 2 to 3, you can see there’s definitely an evolution in the storytelling techniques and the gravity of the situations and the relationships that Drake’s put in. The next Uncharted will continue that evolution. I don’t know if you’re digging at the theory that’s out there that it’s somehow going to be this departure or that The Last of Us is indicative of the future of Naughty Dog projects. It’s not going to be that sharp of a turn. I think it’s an evolution that people will be comfortable with if they’ve played the previous Uncharted games.”

Evan Wells also mentioned the fact that Naughty Dog, aside from Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us: Remastered, has another project in the works which is, “on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages. ”

We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest news on Uncharted 4 and whatever else Naughty Dog has in the works, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest.

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