If you know me or my gaming habits, you know that the Uncharted series is my favorite game franchise. With this being said, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was my favorite game reveal of E3 2014, and is now my most anticipated game for 2015. No game peaks my interest as much as Uncharted, but this will be the 5th game in the series, which is a lot of titles for a Naughty Dog franchise. I don’t want Sony to run the franchise into the ground, and the hints that this may be the last game in the series may just be a good thing.

I must mention the numerous hints from the trailer that A Thief’s End will indeed be the final title in the Uncharted series. First of all, the title itself is “A Thief’s End”. The Thief here could be referring to Nathan Drake, or another character that we do not yet know. Also, the “end” that it refers to might not be a death, it may just be the final time that the thief is active. “One last time” is the phrase that both Nate and Sully repeat in the trailer, and this refers to how the adventure here will be their final one. Finally, Nate is obviously older in the trailer. The extreme detail shown in the trailer intensifies just how much he has aged since Uncharted 3, and the PlayStation Blog post hints that it has been several years since the crew’s last adventure, mentioning that Drake is a “retired fortune hunter” who has been “forced back into the world of thieves”.  All of this alludes to the fact that Nate will have no more adventures after A Thief’s End, but I’m okay with that.

There is only so much hidden treasure in the world for fearless hunters to pursue. Naughty Dog has so much talent and so many options for games, I am confident that they would be able to write a new story for another Uncharted game, but their talent should be put elsewhere, to make other games that don’t do many of the same things over again. I want to see the other things that Naughty Dog can do that don’t rely on something we already have seen before.

One thing that I want to see from Uncharted 4 is a darker story. This has been hinted at by some leaks that happened before the reveal and in the trailer itself, and I would really like to see Naughty Dog integrate their darker storytelling tactics shown off in The Last of Us into Uncharted, because 4 games with the same happy-go-lucky tone would get repetitive. We saw moments of this in both Uncharted 2 and 3 – without spoiling anything, two characters were near death, but made it out alive – but I would like to see these deaths seen through, instead of having the Indiana Jones style of no one in the group being able to die.

If this darker story happens, however, it would be difficult to make a sequel. You don’t want to bring in characters for the sake of population, but if the series went on that’s how it would have to happen. I wouldn’t want to see another game afterwards just as I don’t want to see another game in The Last of Us’ world, because I have had my emotional experience with it and making another game would ruin the first for me. Making sequels to lighter toned games is not difficult because there isn’t an emotional experience to recreate or follow up, but with a darker tone, there is a true emotional experience and it is very difficult to follow up.


The final reason that I would like this to be the final Uncharted game is, as I mentioned earlier, that the story for Nate and his crew will be complete. Sully will be getting too old to treasure hunt anymore, and there won’t be much of a story left for Chloe that hasn’t already been told. Most importantly, Nate will be getting older and will probably have a family with Elena to take care of. With all of these stories having been told, creating new problems would feel forced and unnecessary. And as I said before, I don’t want this franchise to be run into the ground.

I am extremely excited for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. I love everything about the series, and I am happy there will be a new entry in the franchise. However, I hope it’s the final entry…at least for now. There may be another title in the future as a reboot for the franchise, but for now there is no need to make more Uncharted games after A Thief’s End. I’ve had my experiences with the gang, and I don’t want the formula to become stale. I want to see what Naughty Dog can do with a new IP on the PlayStation 4. Uncharted has had a fantastic run, but I hope it ends on a high note.


What do you think? Do you want to see another game in the Uncharted series after A Thief’s End releases in 2015? Let us know in the comments section below. For everything Uncharted 4, follow OnlySP on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Matt Bianucci
Loves to play all types of games, especially single player games. There are few games Matt won’t play. While he is new to the games journalism industry, he loves to write, talk and play games. He loves to share his opinions with the world through his editorials and reviews. He is PlayStation focused, writing reviews and news about the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and everything else PlayStation. Matt is currently a student based in the United States

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    1. * 4th game

      1. 5th – Golden Abyss.

        1. havent played that one. Worth it?

    2. Your hopes aren’t dampened a little by the facts that no actual game footage was shown and all of the dialog was ad-libbed?

      1. It is said at the start of the trailer and has been said by Naughty Dog personnel that the entire trailer was taken directly from a PS4. They’re also trying to make the whole game look like the trailer. This was probably a cutscene from the game, which would make it game footage.

    3. They’re just teasing, Uncharted is Sony’s BIGGEST franchise, it’s the equivalent to Microsoft’s Halo, there’s no way there gonna let it stop.

    4. I freaking love Uncharted but yes this needs to be the last one..

    5. There are so many adventures, treasure hunts, and destinations for Nathan Drake to purse. Plus Uncharted is a guaranteed money maker, why end it now?

      1. Because Naughty Dog is one of the very few game studios that aren’t sellouts, and they’re not going to make endless, stale Uncharted games just because they know it’ll make money. Better to go out on a high and leave a lasting impression on everyone, which I believe is exactly what they’re going to do.

        1. Over prices dlc content. Not using dedicated servers. Screwing up on their tweaking on balancing weapons. Not fixing the leaderboard. Failed to deliver on selecting regions in multiplayer. It sucks ass playing some foreign ahole who has shit internet and lags throughout the match.

          I like Naughty Dog but there are things they screwed up on! I really hope they deliver on UC4! UC3 had a weak villian and the story was somewhat weak! UC2 story and multiplayer was killer on all levels! Getting dedicated servers will help prevent hackers and laggers. Step up Naughty Dog and Sony! I have high hopes for this game!!!

    6. Yes, let this overhyped “all I really do is shoot people and do mediocre puzzles” Tomb Raider TPS rip-off franchise die.

      1. What a colossal buffoon this clown is.

        1. and that piece of shit posts as a Guest!! Cowardice at its best xD

          1. why if he posted with a name he will be an interent badass?

            1. so you’re that coward using a guest account if not then why support a troll xD

            2. did i thumb him up? did i agree with him? No, So how i am supporting him?

              Lets see that i post some similar nonsense like “uncharted sucks”

              Am i “tougth” for posting it without a guest post?

              Do i get something for it?

              Those trolls dont wanna bother making acounts to post. Its not cowardance its lazyness, for all you know that could have been his dumb opinion and never bother checking for replies just say it and forget about it.

              Sadly no one gets a bad reputation on the internet everyone can post whatever nonsene they want, i belive its called freedom of speech.

            3. never go full retard xD why so butt-hurt :P

            4. Yet you gone full retard with your retarded comments and i am the one who has to ask, why are you so freaking BUTTHURT about what a random spam poster thinks about a game series? Insecure much? Or just massive sony fanboy with no life?

              Serious question.

            5. nobody asked you to wipe my ass and yes i’m a massive sony fanboy does that make you more butthurt then please wipe it again xD

    7. next one will be a an hd remake of the last 4 uncharted games for people who missed the ps3 era and jumped to ps4

    8. I’m positive this will be the last and it needs to be the last. I LOVE this series, but lets end it on a high note and move on to new franchises. Long live Naughty Dog!

    9. There’s different things they could do with the series, it could be set in the future with Nate and Elena’s son (or daughter if they wanna go the Tomb Raider route) being a treasure hunter like his/her dad. Maybe Nate’s dad was a treasure hunter too, his past and his parents were never really fully explored. I remember in UC3 they said Nathan Drake wasn’t his real name, maybe a prequel could go into that. But I don’t think Naughty Dog is just gonna let it end, I personally don’t want it to end since I’ve grown so close to the series because UC1 was my first PS3 game.

      1. or naughty dog can just move on another game like they do with every generation its suprising they even making a 4th one.

    10. Loved all 3, but i think the last one ended perfectly, no need for another one, the fact this new one will be “darker” and more serious plus that many key devs left the studio, kinda hints that this wont be as good as the last 3.

      1. Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley are now overseeing this game just as they did with The Last of Us. I personally could not have more faith that Uncharted 4 will be a fantastic game, and the darker tone is something that they’re good at, which is just icing on the cake.

        1. Didnt like the last of us, uncharted is fun because of how light and bright it is, they lose that i couldnt care less, lead story writer left, lead game designer left, lead character artistist left, pretty much waht made uncharted so great, am not denying the ratings but it wil be like that last game in the series that hardcore funs will say its not as good as the previous ones.

    11. If it means they make another new IP at the same quality as TLOU, then I’m all for Uncharted finishing.

    12. I really hope they make an Uncharted 5. I really do.

    13. Yes. Let’s not have another series that goes on forever.

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