Multiplayer is at the forefront of this latest Rainbow Six title, but according to technical artist Oliver Couture, single player gamers will have a reason to play Rainbow Six: Siege.

The details on the game’s campaign are rather slim at this time, however. Couture explains, “The scope of the single-player is not completely clear yet, so I cannot really elaborate on it. All I know is that the message we have on the production floor is like, ‘All the comments online, people are always talking about single-player. So we’re gonna have something for them.’ But I can’t say if it will be more cinematic [like Patriots was] yet.”

Rainbow Six: Patriots was apparently scrapped for being “old-gen” and Ubisoft wanted to bring Rainbow Six to the next-gen consoles so they cleared the slate and started anew. Rainbow Six: Siege has reportedly been in the works for over a year and a half now, with the majority of development obviously focused on the multiplayer portion of the game.

Thankfully, the single player component of the game is in the works. Couture commented on Ubisoft’s showing of the multiplayer side of things at E3 saying, “We understand that while this year we showed multiplayer – because we want to have fun playing against each other internally, it’s a good test to know if a game is fun – but we are 100 percent aware that single-player is a big part. We’re currently working on that too.”

Personally I’m rather disappointed that Patriots was canned as the premise of the game seemed really interesting. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft puts some actual effort into Siege’s campaign and doesn’t just make it an afterthought to a game that’s primary focus is on MP. If Rainbow Six: Siege does have a more cinematic campaign, what do you hope to see from it?

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest details as they come in on Rainbow Six: Siege’s single player campaign so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.


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  1. What I want to see if essentially a Patriots-style campaign/story but with the Seige engine and destruction.

  2. With Far Cry 4, AC 4 and the Division on its way I am happy allowing Ubisoft to explore a strictly multi player Rainbow 6 game. But it looked so awesome at E3 I was hoping that it would have more of a single player aspect. I guess I can dust off Blacklist if I am looking for a similar type of experience…

  3. From what I saw at E3, it looked pretty awesome. Here is some gameplay I recorded off the show floor of some live multiplayer matches.

  4. I hope the SP missions don’t feel/play like MP matches, that would be very disappointing. :|

  5. I hope that the singleplayer mode could be more tatical than the mp. Commanding a squad, like swat 4 style. We could have a “scripted mission”, like rescue the hostages or deactivate a bomb, but still keep the essence of the original rainbow six, wich is commanding a squad with waypoints, plus commanding the squad like swat 4.

  6. If multiplayer is at the forefront then I’m not really expecting much on the single-player side. Patriots did sound interesting. It could end up like Call of Duty and Battlefield where the single-player is just treated like a practice mode for the multiplayer.

  7. PLEASE make the single player mode on par with RS:Vegas, those two games are in my top five games of all time based solely on the single player experience.

  8. A bit late to the party, but the comments I’m seeing are sorta disappointing. Does nobody want the classic, tactical flare of the original trilogy? Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, and 3 are three of the games I enjoyed more than I can even express, but since their release; nothing has managed to capture the magic of what they provided. Maybe Siege will be able to bring that back; if the developers go in that direction. Given the closed-in environments and the tactical nature of what we’ve seen of the multiplayer, I think one could have a hell of a time planning multi-team assaults just like the older games.

  9. Yeah I have to admit, multi-player really has run it’s course for me…I just finished Battlefield: Hardline and the campaign was amazing…Rainbow 5: Vegas 1 and 2 were easily my 2 favorite shooters of all time…(With the exception of WaW) I really hope they don’t disappoint us.

  10. I hated “Vegas 2’s” Single-player, especially towards the end, I started noticing Technical and Graphical flaws. I pray Siege won’t be anything like Vegas 2. (Hurried-out Single-Player)

  11. I’m hoping for the best of this game! Its my most anticipated game of 2015 with the Witcher 3. I want a good Single player, multiplayer, and co-op.

  12. I also thought that Patriots was very interesting, and was disappointed that it was canceled. Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 were some of my favorite games, and I hope that the Single Player campaign holds up to those 2.

    Very cinematic and very fun, with lots of interesting gear customization.

  13. Make the campaign better than Battlefield’s campaign.

  14. Wow.. thank you for teasing us Ubisoft that’s really kind of you to wait until now of all time to tell us you didn’t even bother making a single player campaign.

  15. Had the choice between rainbow 6 siege and assassin’s creed syndicate. If I had known this was basically mp only, I’d have chosen AC…

    1. Haha! Almost sounds like trying to be choose between the lesser of two cancer types!

      1. Maybe, but I’d have at least played AC..

        1. I’m not trying to knock AC, but I don’t understand why Ubisoft didn’t just take a year off from AC and focus their development costs on a campaign for Rainbow Six Siege.These companies like Ubi and EA always tell us that there is no demand for single player, but that is simply untrue. I get tired of reading and hearing the lies that they use to explain why there is no proper single player. I’m talking about games like Battlefront and R6 Siege that should have interesting campaigns of decent length(over 8 hrs.) I have played plenty of AC too, I haven’t played Syndicate yet though, have you?

          1. Oh. I was just saying I would have gotten use out of AC vs R6, lol. I’ve played a couple of the training simulations or whatever they were called, and I’m already done with it.

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