Although recently suffering a lengthy delay, Watch_Dogs remains one of the most anticipated new IPs that is currently in development. Ubisoft is well aware of the hype that has been building around the game and revealed at a recent investor conference call that they are forecasting 6.2 million sales by the end of its first fiscal year of availability. It’s a bold goal for any game, but Ubisoft are confident that the target can be hit, as pre-order numbers are currently tracking above their expectations. It will certainly be aided by the popular conception that it is one of the few must-have games for the next generation, though whether that continues to hold true following the delay is another matter.

Upcoming socially connected racer The Crew is expected to sell 2.5 million copies, with the lower figure being attributed to “a more limited potential”. This is likely due to both its genre and next-gen exclusivity. It also appears as though racing games are impacted by the popularity of their existing franchises more than most other genres, so the fact that The Crew is a new IP in the genre could be another factor for the conservativeness.

In other news, it was also revealed that both Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rayman Legends failed to meet their sales targets, though the shortfall was not announced. Blacklist was well received by critics, but hasn’t yet crossed the one million mark (according to VGChartz) even though most of its predecessors doubled that figure. Legends has garnered a 90+ rating on Metacritic, but achieved less than a quarter of a million units sold, a stark contrast to the previous iteration, which sold well over two million copies. The publisher said that the failure of these games to meet expectations was due to consumers being reluctant to invest in new titles with the next generation looming.

Source: Ubisoft

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