Ubisoft Ghost Recon Breakpoint

After Ghost Recon: Breakpoint reportedly fell far below sales expectations, Ubisoft is reportedly changing its approach to commissioning new games.

While speaking on the Kotaku Splitscreen Podcast, journalist Jason Schreier said that Ubisoft wants its studios to go “wild” with future game pitches. The publisher is aiming to escape the open-world formula that has guided its games in recent years.

“Conversations I’ve had with people are ‘Now Ubisoft is changing their mentality big time,'” says Schreier. “Now it’s all about [how] you have to pitch your game as being super unique, having some unique aspect to it.”

In response to Breakpoint’s flop, Ubisoft also delayed a number of its major upcoming titles including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch Dogs: Legion from their early 2020 release windows.

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  1. Yes, develop a diverse line-up!! I enjoy both open world & linear games – the most important thing is they’re fun. We eat different foods, watch all varieties of tv shows, sports, movies, read a wide spectrum of books yet somewhere along the way games that weren’t open world were automatically considered “lesser” experiences. Such nonsense.

    1. I mean, Ubi has always had a pretty strong second-tier line-up, things like Rayman, Valiant Hearts, or Anno, so hopefully we’re gonna see more of that really come to the fore.

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