Ubisoft Watch Dogs 2 (Watch Dogs 3)

Ubisoft has found a novel way to reveal an upcoming game, if recent reports are accurate.

The recently released Watch Dogs 2 features a mission that tasks players with hacking into a virtual version of Ubisoft’s San Francisco headquarters in order to steal an E3 teaser.

Although the inclusion of the offices and video is interesting enough, in a meta kind of way, Kotaku reports that the video represents a game currently in development. The video in question (embedded below) reveals little in the way of gameplay mechanics, but does indicate a sci-fi setting with a lurid aesthetic.

Codenamed Pioneer, it is a space exploration title, although the specifics of that, whether it is more akin to No Man’s Sky, Elite: Dangerous, or Star Citizen, are currently unknown. They may also be irrelevant. Kotaku’s sources state that since the teaser’s inclusion in Watch Dogs 2, Pioneer has hit a rough patch in development, losing several key personnel and now undergoing a redesign.

The sources report that the video was incorporated into Watch Dogs 2 before the developmental woes began, while Ubisoft was more confident of their expectations to unveil Pioneer during 2017.

Despite the recent track record of space exploration games either not living up to expectations or languishing in development hell, we’ll keep an eye out for any further news of Pioneer.

Damien Lawardorn
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