We live in an industry where sequels are our metaphorical bread and butter. Every year, the vast majority of triple-A titles are sequels, prequels, spinoffs, or otherwise entries in an already established series. It’s no secret that gamers are crying out for something original, and Ubisoft seems to have taken this hint after witnessing the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the E3 showing of Watch Dogs.

Speaking in an interview with Polygon, Laurent Detoc, executive director of Ubisoft’s North American division, stated that from now on, Ubisoft will attempt to bring out 1-2 brand new IPs each year in order to keep their product lines fresh and engaging.

We need to make new IPs. It’s part of our future. From a business point of view we need to continue to create new IPs. Last year we brought you Rocksmith, and every year you will find one, two, depending on the year, good new IPs from Ubisoft.

A lot of this is due to how well watch Watch Dogs has been received at E3. Detoc is confident in the game’s direction, and states that making a current-generation game this late into the cycle isn’t necessarily a risky move.

There’s no bad time or good time. If you make something really good, people will embrace it. Watch Dogs turned out to be that game this year that everybody loves. There’s no bad time to bring good content. At the end of the day, making good products is what we’re after.

Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment studio is already hiring a new brand director to help get a new IP off the ground. They state they “are looking for a Brand Director to lead the way in establishing a new IP, both in our internal communication and external presentation.”

This means you can look forward to a bevy of surprises in the coming years. It’s like Christmas, but incredibly prolonged. Make sure to follow OnlySP for more fresh news.

Michael Urban
Now an occasional contributer, Michael Urban is the former Editor-in-Chief at OnlySP and has the nickname "Breadcrab" for reasons his therapist still doesn't understand. From the moment he first got hacked in Runescape, he's been uninterested in multiplayer games and has pursued the beauty of the single-player experience, especially in terms of story and creative design. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing in the shower, pretending to be productive, and providing info and feedback regarding the games industry. It is an industry, right? You can ask him a question or send him spam at michaelurban@onlysp.escapistmagazine.com. Also, follow him on Twitter or the terrorists win. (@MichaelUrban1)

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