Tyranny Expansion

Tyranny, Obsidian’s isometric RPG that casts players as a villain, will receive a new expansion called ‘Bastard’s Wound’ later this year.

This upcoming expansion will add an entirely new region to the core game, and focus on a settlement made up primarily of refugees. As should be expected, the content adds a new storyline, as well as more companion quests focusing on various characters. Finally, the expansion promises to delve more deeply into the history and culture of the Beastmen.

The publishers behind the game, Paradox Interactive, released a very brief and uninformative teaser trailer to coincide with the announcement:

Tyranny also recently received the ‘Tales from the Tiers’ expansion, adding more story content, new random encounters, and new items. The title has also recently been patched to include some potentially game-changing features, including a New Game+ mode and the ability to re-spec characters.

OnlySP’s DJ Arruda took an in-depth look into the morality of Tyranny earlier this year, finding that the game offers an unique perspective on the nature of good and evil.

‘Bastard’s Wound’ is currently without a set release date, but OnlySP will be sure to provide more details about the expansion as they become available. For all the latest from the world of single-player gaming, be sure to bookmark OnlySP and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


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